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Lowongan Kerja di PT. Worley Parsons Thailand

Dear all WPTL staff,

Our company is now seeking for competent candidates to join our team in various positions as following;

For Bangkok office

Civil / Structural Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-11559 Structural Engineer
2. TH-BKK-2008-15047 Lead Structural Designer
3. TH-BKK-2008-9101 Senior Structural Designer
4. TH-BKK-2008-10537 Senior Civil Designer

Electrical & Instrument Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-15048 Head of Electrical & Instrument Department
2. TH-BKK-2008-14259 Lead Electrical Engineer
3. TH-BKK-2008-9692 Senior Electrical Engineer
4. TH-BKK-2008-9701 Electrical Engineer
5. TH-BKK-2008-15049 Graduate Electrical Engineer
6. TH-BKK-2008-9838 Senior Electrical Designer
7. TH-BKK-2008-14804 Electrical Designer
8. TH-BKK-2008-14814 E&I Draftsman
9. TH-BKK-2008- 14260 Lead Instrument Engineer
10. TH-BKK-2008-9693 Senior Instrument Engineer
11. TH-BKK-2008-9839 Instrument Engineer
12. TH-BKK-2008-9840 Senior Instrument Designer

Mechanical Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-14258 Lead Mechanical Engineer (Rotating Equipment)
2. TH-BKK-2008-8630 Senior Mechanical Engineer

Piping Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-15027 Senior Piping Engineer
2. TH-BKK-2008-11113 PDMS Administrator
3. TH-BKK-2008-9710 Senior Piping Designer
4. TH-BKK-2008-9713 Piping Designer
5. TH-BKK-2008-9674 Piping Draftsman

Pipeline Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-9857 Lead Pipeline Engineer
2. TH-BKK-2008-9859 Senior Pipeline Engineer

Process Department
1. TH-BKK-2008-9220 Head of Process Department
2. TH-BKK-2008-15050 Senior Process Engineer
3. TH-BKK-2008-13254 Process Engineer
4. TH-BKK-2008-15042 Graduate Process Engineer

1. TH-BKK-2008-13266 Project Construction Manager

Project Controls
1. TH-BKK-2008-13314 Project Controls Engineer
2. TH-BKK-2008-13265 Senior Project Planning & Controls Engineer

HR & Administrative
1. TH-BKK-2008-7055 HR Officer- Payroll

1. TH-BKK-2008-14470 Engineering Manager
2. TH-BKK-2008-14263 Lead Safety & Risk Engineer
3. TH-BKK-2008-14992 Personal Assistant

For Sriracha office

Mechanical Department
1. TH-SRC-2008-10520 Mechanical Engineer

Piping Department
1. TH-SRC-2008-10523 Piping Draftsman

Process Department
1. TH- SRC-2008- 10525 Process Engineer
2. TH-SRC-2008-9157 Senior Process Engineer

1. TH-SRC-2008-9720 Construction Manager

For job application to Bangkok Office, please send resume of your referral candidate to

For job application to Sriracha Office, please send resume of your referral candidate to Monruedee.Phongsai

Best Regards, Rangsri Kowiwattanakan Assistant Recruitment Manager WorleyParsons Tel: +66 2 689 3000 # 3077Fax: +66 2 689 3001

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